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Parent Connect - Brisbane South

Mission Australia Parent Connect is an early intervention program set up to assist parents primarily with children aged 0–6 years when they first learn that their child has a disability or developmentaldelay.

The secondary target group is children older than 6 with a newly acquired disability. 

Parent Connect helps families with information on how to access specialists and assessments to better understand what is happening for their child, emotional support to come to grips with the implications of their child’s disability, and some financial support to ensure parents can access assessments, diagnosis and critical early interventions for their child in a timely manner.

The Parent Connect worker visits the parents in their homes initially to gather more information and find out the best way parents can be supported.Parent Connect then develops a plan based on the information given by the parent to support the family access support and services.

Parent Connect reduces the stress parents experience when they try to balance the needs of the child with a disability, their own needs and the impact on family and friends. Opportunities to network with other parents who also have a child with a disability will be given to support each other.

Families need to access a range of early intervention services to assist them to care for their child.  Parent Connect is able to identify the supports and services that will best meet their needs and assist plan the best ways to support the child now and in the future.  The Parent Connect worker supports the family to access these supports and services which will mostly be in the community in which the family live.

Mission Australia also operate Parent Connect in Brisbane North and Ipswich.

Funding body
The Queensland  Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Service.

Contact Information

Address 37 Kulgun Circuit, Inala, QLD 4077
Phone 07 3713 2602

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm