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Roma House

Roma House is a breakthrough in services for homeless people in Queensland, offering accommodation and support services for up to 31 long-term homeless people at any one time.

Roma House has adopted a Trauma Informed framework creating a culture that recognises the trauma individuals have experienced and responds appropriately.

The service also:

Roma House also offers access to visiting service providers, including Centrelink, HHOT team, ADHOT, and has a community legal clinic run by the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House.

Roma House is also a site for fine option orders where residents and ex residents can work off SPER debt.

Roma House is funded by the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works and is also a recipient of funds from the Lady Bowen Trust.

Contact Information

Address 535 Wickham Terrace (Cnr Dark Street), Spring Hill, QLD
Phone 07 3434 7100

Operating Hours

24 hours, 7 days a week